The Festival

The International Clown Festival of Cornellà de Llobregat “Charlie Rivel Memorial” is a biennial festival held in Cornellà de Llobregat since 1984 and whose mission is to spread the sociocultural aspect of the performing arts of clowns. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious in Europe and is an international benchmark. 

The Festival was born to pay tribute to the Catalan clown Charlie Rivel and make Cornellà the city of clowns with shows in the main tent, but also in schools, nursing homes and public spaces with the aim of highlighting the figure of clowns and clowns and show the public the wide range of clown language registers: from traditional circus clowns to the most innovative and experimental productions to street performances.

The Festival has been part of the city’s DNA and the imagination of different generations of Cornellans for thirty-four years. The will of the City Council was to bet on culture and place the clowns in a wider and more representative sphere. 

Thus, the Festival stands as a platform to promote clowns and clowns of international renown, unknown in some cases in our country in each of the different schools of this art: the style of eastern clowns, mime masters; the reflective-toned clown; who prefers the humor of the absurd and the biting irony… classic, groundbreaking, innovative and magical clowns and clowns, but with a common denominator bring out a smile and stir consciences.

In recent editions the Festival has wanted to vindicate and give visibility to the figure of clowns as artists with a presence in this art, because the complex task of making people laugh does not understand gender, on the contrary, humor is a powerful weapon against inequalities.

We need humor to relate and feel good, to create spaces for better coexistence and more livable, and this is where the magic of the clown fills everything, because its power can help create common spaces and synergies from d ‘an authentic, free, tender, inspiring and always vindictive humor.

Welcome everyone!