Trapu Zaharra


October 23
Esplugues Road / Plaça de l’Esglesia
Duration: 60´
Show recommended for ages 8 and up


Trapu Zaharra

A travel agency (Viajes San Fernando) decides to launch a pioneering campaign aimed at minimising the environmental consequences of industrial tourism by raffling off a virtual transatlantic voyage. A housewife who wins the virtual cruise will be chosen by the agency to schedule her trip live. A journey where he will give free rein to all his fantasies, which are, by the way, unconventional.

Trapu Zaharra (Vasc Country)

In the forty years of Trapu Zaharra’s existence, they have produced twenty-nine shows, written and invented by themselves, always with a touch of humour. The themes, very close to domestic life, have always underlined his predilection for the anti-hero, who has become the protagonist of many of his stories and one of his hallmarks.