Los Excéntricos (2020) & Lluís i Carles Raluy (2022)

Nasos d’Or 2020 i 2022 awards

20 d´Octubre (Gala Inaugural)
Carpa de la plaça de Catalunya
Show for all audiences
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By invitation

Los Excéntricos i Lluís i Carles Raluy

Nas d’Or 2020

In the cancelled 2020 edition, the Nas d’Or (Golden Nose) went to the clown company LOS EXCÉNTRICOS, an excellent trio of clowns with a long career, who have participated in several editions of the FIP. Therefore, during the opening gala, we will present them with the Nas d’Or that the pandemic prevented them from receiving two years ago.

LOS EXCÉNTRICOS are three, Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza, French or Catalan doesn’t matter because their homeland is the Earth. Europe, Canada, USA, China, Japan. Los Excéntricos have been packing and unpacking for more than twenty years on old and new continents. Balancers, jugglers and musicians form a trio of offbeat, innovative, poetic and surrealist clowns who renew the figure of the clown through a mixture of modernity and classicism. “The talent, the good musical taste and the gestural expression of the three characters reveal a prodigious and surprising world whose echoes remain in the memory of the enchanted spectators”.

Nas d’Or 2022

The City Council of Cornellà de Llobregat together with the artistic direction of the festival have decided that the Nas d’Or 2022 will go to Carlos and Lluís Raluy, recently transferred. Two clowns and circus entrepreneurs, with a long career, who have participated in several editions of the FIP of Cornellà. Carlos Raluy (1944 – 2019), master of ceremonies and clever clown, and his brother Lluís Raluy (1942 – 2021), clown and mathematician, shared the Circus since the Raluy began to operate in 1973 and later, in 1983, as Circo Museo Raluy, which rolled around the world with its carriages that are a true artistic heritage and have not stopped receiving recognition and awards from the circus world. In 1996 they even won the National Circus Prize, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture for “their artistic merits and their work in the international dissemination of Spanish circus”, according to the panel of judges. His carpa and carriages were in Plaça de Catalunya, chairing the 1998, 2002 and 2004 editions of the Cornellà International Pallassos Festiva

Los Excéntricos i Lluís i Carles Raluy
Los Excéntricos i Lluís i Carles Raluy