Helena Canas & Marc Lapuerta


October 23
Plaça Pallars
Duration: 20´
Show for all audiences


Helena Canas & Marc Lapuerta

Dansa còmica

Marisol decides to go to the beach; she has been preparing everything since 9 am. Sun, calm and more sun… that’s all she wants. Tino wakes up quite early today, it’s hot and he goes down to the beach. Towel, a drink and he’s ready to go. She is a perfectionist and a bit odd. He is a conformist and rather simple. Two characters, a single beach and many hours of sunshine. Will they be able to live together in peace? Dance-theatre duo shows, in a humorous way, the interaction of these two unique characters.

Helena Canas & Marc Lapuerta (Cataluña)

The idea comes from a solo by Helena Canas, about different situations that can happen on any given day at the beach. Her one-woman show, Any Day, premiered in 2018 at the Ciclo Maldà en Danza, and has now become a duo with Marc Lapuerta. By researching and modifying the original idea, they have jointly investigated new situations that can happen when two characters who are totally, or apparently, different from each other meet…