El Gran Dimitri

The Legend

October 23
Plaça de l’Estació
Duration: 50´
Show for all audiences


El Gran Dimitri

Dimitri, a stage genius according to him, but of dubious artistic reputation, is tackling his third solo work. After almost performing in prestigious festivals, B halls of the best theatres and almost winning some awards, Dimitri has an epiphany: “I was born to be a stage legend”. So he puts on a show where he will put his life on the line.

El Gran Dimitri (Andalucia)

The company was founded in 2011 in Granada by Antonio Jesús Gómez and it was by a combination of chance and necessity. From the beginning he dedicated himself to comedy with his own character and style that has led him to develop, since then, three street and indoor shows, The Great Circus Show 2011, Cirkusz Rupt 2015 and his latest work The Legend 2019. Apart from his productions, he has participated in projects such as “El Circo Mediterráneo”, “Ludo Circus Show” and, currently, Circo Raluy.